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I apologise for the length of time many of you have been waiting. In order for you to get the best experience from the inavanti technique, the wait will be a little longer.  If the site is launched now, there will be limited resources and the course will not be completed for self-paced study.

It is likely that only one or two courses will be open initially whilst the rest of the site is worked on.

However, there will be early bird discounts available when the site launches.  Please keep a lookout on Facebook, and twitter (links below) for further announcements.

Over the next coming weeks you will be able to watch some course teasers. You can also find news announcements on all three platforms.

I am keeping a list of all of you who have requested membership and you will be notified of the launch as soon as the site goes live. You will also be offered the early bird discounts.

As previously notified, private tuition is available if you want to get a head start, or just prefer to have your own dedicated lessons. If enough interest is shown, I will consider offering a small group course via an internet platform. Please use the contact form if this is something you wish to discuss.

Many thanks for your interest and I hope you will enjoy the course(s) of your choice when the site goes live.

~ Rosemarie ~

inavanti Learning Solutions 

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