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K. Waszkiewicz, President, Grantham Polish Club

I have known Rosemarie since 2010 when she first came to teach English at the Grantham Polish Club. I feel Rosemarie is a loyal person who does all she can to make sure that those learning English have a positive experience and enjoy their lessons.  She is very good at encouraging people to join in, even the very shy ones. She makes lessons fun and entertaining whilst keeping things in order.  She doesn’t like anyone to feel left out and never makes anyone feel that they can’t achieve their goals.

Mr & Mrs Dean,

Rosemarie was a fantastic teacher, we felt comfortable during the lessons as she was easy to approach if we didn't understand something, with that she was patient , the inavanti technique helped us learn the language, thank you Rosemarie.


I had a few months worth of lessons a little over a year ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so, I'll be paying for a course again as I had to stop due to work commitments. The techniques Rosemarie uses are professional, concise, clear and enjoyable. I learnt not only Italian language, but a a lot about the culture as well.

The lessons offer a different learning style that promotes motivation and gives a great deal of satisfaction. With in house and accredited certificates being offered, you become very proud of your achievements and look forward to each lesson.

Would 100% recommend.


Miss. McAuliffe, Grantham

I have been learning Beginners Italian in preparation of my future plans. I thoroughly enjoy it. The teaching techniques are different to how schools teach and I feel that one-to-one tutoring is more effective. I'm looking forward to continuing my lessons and I would highly recommend Rosemarie as she is welcoming and professional. 


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